Why You Need To Keep Your Website Up To Date

Websites are crucial for all businesses these days, whether for just a contact page or selling to your customers. Just having a website however is no good anymore, you must keep it up to date and safe, using old technology can mean you website does not work on new devices or could get hacked.

Many websites now a day use CMS (Content Management System), which help run and manage a website. These are a great way for you and customers to look after a website, you need minimal and changes are instant. They do require updating every so often as websites get hacked daily, some are taken care of quickly, others can be exploited for months, even years without you knowing.

Web sites that stay on older versions of a CMS are more likely to get hacked, as hackers can find out what version your website is on and worm their way in through backdoor portals, 83% of hacked websites are because of an out of date website and/or plugin.

With each new update for your CMS and Plugins, there could always be a few bugs which may have slipped through the net. When a minor update is released it is always worth updating, even if you have updated the other month. Any bugs from the last update would have been fixed and make everything more stable.

The speed to your site can be improved when updating the site, as any unused programming from the previous version are usually removed, refined or improve making the your website faster for your customers to navigate.

Sometimes with updates there can be additional features to help with the internal running of the CMS. Some of these new feature work in the background and you won’t even know that they are there, while others you able to access and use frequently.

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