That Was November

Just like that, November is over for another year. #TeamJMV have continued to work hard throughout Lockdown 2.0 both at home and in the (gradually re-modelled) office, but here’s some of the highlights.

1. A Truly Digital Workforce… We’re able to work anywhere with an internet connection and this month has absolutely proved it. A combination of working from home, in the office and even in the middle of a field has meant we’ve been able to keep our customers connected and their equipment in tip-top shape. Meaning they can work whenever, wherever.

2. Garden Maintenance… We’ve been working on a new website for Riverside Landscapes & Ground Maintenance to make the most of their new branding – it’ll be live in the next few days so keep a look out.

3. Welcome to Newton Print… Our #ITSupportHeroes have recently taken over the Managed IT Support Services for Newton Print. With just over 100 devices we’ve been able to get them using our brand new management system which is proactively managing their systems and alerting us to problems before they even occur.

4. New website… Even in these challenging times, a new website for Exeter Student Pads has helped them to maintain full capacity for this year and fill all their properties again for the 2021/2022 academic year.

5. Important ‘field’ Work… No cow is too big, no mud is too dirty and no ladder is too tall to stop our network engineers. As well as installing numerous Rural Wi Fi devices, they spent a day last week in a muddy field upgrading a mast that provides Fixed Wireless Internet Access to our customers that aren’t served by the big broadband companies.

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