That was… (A New Year Special)

It’s February already, which can mean only one thing, Summer is almost here (Optimism alert)!

After a wild 2020, and with a few more wild ones still to come in 2021 – we present a special New Years editions of That Was…

We’ve carried on safely working from home (and the office) throughout the latest lockdown and what follows is a bumper selection of highlights from December and January.

1) Making Business Better
Even during this global pandemic we’ve been helping our customers to make their business better. We’ve just completed a massive project with one of our biggest customers who are based throughout the UK in Devon, Cornwall and Scotland.

Our IT Support team has successfully transferred the entire business from a managed server and VPN to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. With lots of their team working from home now and for the foreseeable future the move has enabled all staff to be able to work from anywhere, anytime. They can collaborate together on Teams calls, Co-edit Documents and share resources on SharePoint – all on any Internet connected device. In fact they don’t even need to be connected all day to achieve all of this and more.

Most importantly – they’ve saved money, space and time by getting rid of expensive local servers and problematic VPN software.

2) Remote Monitoring
We’ve helped to increase productivity for one of our newest clients by sourcing and setting up brand new Surface Go tablets. This has enabled remote monitoring on the workshop floor and easy access to the latest data whatever device they login to.

3) Starlink
We’ve been accepted onto the Starlink beta programme and the equipment has all arrived! We’re just waiting on our Ladder Anchor to be free so we can get it installed and ready for testing. We’re looking forward to seeing the progress of this really exciting innovation from Space X team.

4) Website updates
We’ve launched new websites for existing customers Planet Earth Games and Terra Firma (South) over the New Year – as well as one for our new customers Plymouth Pilots.

We’ve also spent a lot of time and effort into upgrading and improving the software and servers that manage and maintain our websites. We’re working our way towards an even better, faster and more secure server than we’ve ever had.

5) Expanded Wireless Network
Our wireless network now covers Bulleigh Barton Industrial Estate as well. We’ve already connected five businesses with up to 65Mbps Broadband. It’s a massive improvement on what BT offer (upto 2Mbps) and has already completely changed the way that these businesses operate. Plus, in these times of remote and online working, these business can continue to grow.

6) Full Site Cable Testing
During a massive renovation project at a large property in Kinswear we tested over 70 network cables! After testing we were able to upgrade their internal network to ensure a high quality broadband connection in every room of the house. Finally, we relocated all Sky boxes to a central location and connected to all TV’s with a HDMI Matrix.

7) Rural Broadband
Some of our new rural broadband customers were getting less than 5Mbps from OpenReach (you need about 3mbps for one person to watch a YouTube video). After we installed our Rural Broadband system they were reliably getting over 40Mbps.

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