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Office 365 Back Up - keep your data safe

Protecting your Office 365 data to ensure your business and client data is always available.

Office 365 Backup

More and more business are chosing to move to Office 365. Office 365 can transform how your business works by improving collaboration and data storage. Office 365 is natively secure, but accidents can happen and ensuring your data is safe is highly important.

While it’s true that some editions of Office 365 include data loss prevention and litigation hold options, these are not the same as a backup so we implement additional layers of security by offering Fully Managed Office 365 Backup from as little as £2.50 + VAT per mailbox.

Office 365 backup creates a daily backup of your data from SharePoint, OneDrive and your emails ensuring your data is safe. 

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Simple Backup for your Office 365 data.
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5 reasons to backup Office 365

The Number of businesses moving to Office 365 has increased significantly over the past decade. Its now the most widely used office platform and its portfolio of products is increasing every year. Unfortunately one part of Office 365 that is lacking is the in built backup options for your data. 

Data in Office 365 is secure and there are some tools built in to help protect data such as Recycle Bins and retention policies. These tools are however not good enough to protect all of your business critical data.

The fact of the matter is that data can easily be lost so below is 5 key reasons to implement a third party backup option:

1) Accidental Deletion

A soft delete can be undone through the recoverable items folder, but only during the retention period. A hard delete of a user in Office 365 is replicated across the whole network, including deletion of their OneDrive for Business account and mailbox. This action is unrecoverable unless you have a backup data copy.

2) Retention Policy Gaps

Policies are ever-evolving, and Microsoft’s retention policy is not designed to be an all-encompassing backup solution. Implementing a third party backup solution for Office 365 eliminates policy gaps and enables fast access to data from a specific point in time.

3) Internal Security Threats

Threats do not always come from viruses and hackers, employees can compromise your data security. Office 365 is unable to detect if a user deleting files or emails is doing so maliciously or not. This is nearly impossbile to protect against and unfortunately this is something many companies unknowingly experience.

4) External Security Threats

Malware, Phishing and Virus scams are becoming more and more common and sophisticated. It only takes a second for one of these threats to cause havoc with your data. Having all of your data backed up offsite means you can recover fast.

5) Legal and compliance requirements

All businesses have a requirement to protect their and their clients data and this includes backing up that data. Backing up Office 365 ensures that you can retrieve mailbox data during legal action, or to meet any regulatory or compliance requirements.

Can your business cope without a data back up? If not get in touch with JMV Solutions now to provide an Office 365 Backup Solution to keep your business safe.
Office 365
Our Managed Office 365 service projects you, your business and makes Office 365 safer and more secure, leaving you to focus on your business.
Office 365
Microsoft doesnt backup your data. We provide a managed backup service for all your Office 365 data keeping you compliant and safer.
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You need your data safe. We apply policies and third party security systems to protect your data in Office 365 keeping your business safer.
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