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Together, we must protect your business data. We stress that all businesses should backup all their data as a major compliance to GDPR and DATA Protection regulations.

Managed Backup with N-Able

Why N-Able?
We chose the N-Able platform as our data backup partner as they simply provided the best, most secure, long term solution form managing our customers most valuable business asset.

N-Able ticked many boxes in terms of essential features and functionality that other providers could not provide. As well as it’s ability to integrate with many other widely used platforms it manages and retains all data within the UK and in accordance with UK ISO data centre certification.

Where Is The Data Stored?
All data is securely sent, stored and managed in the UK South Data Centre. No data ever leaves UK shores and is maintained in UK ISO certified data centres.

How Is Data Backed Up?
All data backups are managed using an bespoke plan, individual to the business needs. This is determined by the amount of data and type of hardware the requires protection.

Our standard backup process will retain all client and business data with an option to store an entire system image. This massively improves the quality of data restored in the event this is required.

How Often Is Data Retained?

Daily Backups
Retained for 30 days – backed up every day at 10pm

Weekly Backups
Retained for 26 weeks – backed up every Saturday at 10pm

Monthly Backups
Retained for 36 months – backed up on the last day of every month at 10pm

Yearly Backups
Retained for seven years – backed up on the last day of every year at 10pm

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‘Always On’ Support

Your business devices are monitored 24/7. In fact, we’re often able to identify any major issues and discuss potential solutions before you or your staff even realise there’s a problem.

For any other issues, there’s a friendly voice at the end of the phone or over email. And all of this is available outside of normal business hours.

JMV Solutions helpdesk opening times: 0800 – 1800 (Monday to Friday).