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Bespoke IT Support for your Business
We understand that IT Support is a necessary requirement in a modern business. Our expert team will always offer the best solution so that you and your team can work from anywhere.

We’re a small business too, so we understand how they work day-to-day. This allows us to quickly become a valuable part of your extended team, which will transform your business and its relationship with technology.

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Our bespoke IT Support keeps your business operational, your staff empowered to do their best work and you only paying for the IT Support services that you need.

IT Support

From one desktop to multiple laptops throughout the country, our business is to keep them running with our Business IT Support package.

Small Business
IT Support

Our Small Business IT Support packages are designed to respond to the unique needs that come with running your small business.


By taking ownership of your device, we can make sure it stays GDPR compliant and receives all essential firmware updates.


All businesses should back up their data. It’s a crucial step in maintaining your business GDPR and DATA Protection regulations.


Staying safe online is essential to protect your business data, emails and contacts from viruses, hackers and sophisticated phishing attempts.


Our regular implementation of industry recognised security protocols and state of the art firewalls will protect both your network and your device.

How Can IT Support Help Your Business

Our IT Support service can help you no matter what the size of your business. We can also support internal IT teams or managers with a range of different projects or issues. Initially, our helpdesk team will support you remotely – over the phone or email. If necessary, our experienced IT engineers can visit your place of work to complete any work.

Bespoke IT Support

Without an actual IT expert in your business, JMV Solutions will become your IT Service provider. When you have a problem that you can’t fix, rely on our experienced helpdesk engineers and our extended IT Support team to fix those problems, provide a valuable opinion on purchasing requirements and assistance with planning IT projects of any scale.

Onsite IT Support

Sometimes, remote IT Support can’t resolve the problem. If necessary, we can send an experienced IT or Network Engineer to your place of work to get the issue resolved and your business back on track.

With years of experience, our engineers are experts at identifying and resolving problems on site. They’re also well versed in explaining the solution in simple and easy to understand language. You may not understand exactly what they did, but you’ll be confident that the issue is fixed.

Our IT Support packages can come with onsite IT Support included, meaning you’re not hit with an unexpected bill.

Benefits of IT Support
Reduce the time spent worrying about IT in your business.
Empower your team to continue working by reducing downtime and resolving any issues in a quick and timely manner.
Outsourcing your IT Support gives you access to a whole IT department at a fraction of the cost.
Make the most of extra skills and knowledge on specific IT requirements or projects.
Reduce the time spent worrying about IT in your business.
Badly maintained hardware can cost more in the long run. Properly managed technology and equipment can last longer and only need replacing when appropriate.