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IT Security for your business.

Our IT Security support takes the defence of your technology seriously. Proactive monitoring of your business IT and devices means we can seriously reduce the likelihood of you being hacked or suffer a data breach.

We take a multi-layered approach to security, not relying on a single entity to secure your business.

Call our friendly team for information on IT security and how to stay safe.

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Multi Layered Security

Ensuring your IT is secure is a key responsibility of all companies. Not only is global cyber-crime on the rise, but with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now in place, it’s now essential that companies do everything they can to protect their systems.

Hackers are targeting more and more small businesses especially through the use of email phishing campaigns. Therefore it is imperative that you as a business owner take security seriously to protect you and your business.

JMV will work with you to implement a multi layered security solution to reduce your risk and protect your business, your clients and the data you hold.

If you're looking for an IT Support firm who can help reduce risk and secure your business then get in touch.

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Key Services we provide

Managed Antivirus
We install a centrally managed AntiVirus solution on all your devices which alerts back to us any issues or threats discovered.
Managed Backup
Backups are essential these days. We take care of all monitoring and testing to ensure your backups are avilable when you need them.
Office 365 Security
Office 365 is awesome. FACT. but if it's not setup and secured then it's a hackers dream. We lock down your Office 365 to protect your business.
Office 365 Backup
Every system needs backing up. Your data and your client data is vitally important. We ensure your data is backed up daily.
Firewalls are a vital layer of IT security helping to stop all manner of threats getting to your office computers. We setup, managed and monitor.
Managed Devices
Letting us manage your devices ensures they are up to date, secure and running smoothly. We get alerted 24/7 to issues and fix issues fast.
Email Security
Email is the main source of hacking. We setup security policies to monitor, alert and stop threats daily, keeping your business safe.
User Training
The last line of defence is often your staff, but do they know what to look for. We can setup user training programs to educate and empower.

What Is IT Security, And Why Is It Important?

IT Security is a catch all term used to encompass the many different ways business data can be compromised by hackers, phishing attempts and even malicious loss of data. Over 60 million phishing emails are sent every day in the UK, and it’s a problem that has increased during the recent global pandemic.

What is Phishing?

Often used by hackers and scammers, ‘Phishing’ is regularly deployed over email. The user will get, what looks like, a legitimate email (it isn’t) from an online service, asking them to login to verify some details, claim a reward or something equally exciting. They’ll be redirected to a website that has been built to look exactly like the real one (it isn’t) where they’ll enter their login details for the internet villains to copy and use for themselves.

Considering that two-thirds of people use the same password for multiple accounts – just think how much access this unsavoury character could have to your online life!

How Can I Protect My Business?

The very best way to make sure that your business is prepared against this is by investing in an proactive multi layered IT Security solution that will protect your critical business data. It’s impossible for your business to be totally protected, but with the right services and a proactive approach from your and our team it can be greatly reduced.

Understanding the importance of your data and the risks your business face is key to understanding how best to protect it. With the recent increase of home working we have enabled Two-Factor Authentication as standard on all our Microsoft 365 plans. This is just one way to protect your business data.

What Is Two Factor Authentication?

A simple app on your smartphone or an automated voice will call you whenever you attempt to login to your account. This drastically reduces the chances of your account being compromised by someone accessing it from another location and only needs to be authorised once every 30 days.

What If It All Goes Wrong?

Unfortunately, there’s always an exception to the rule. If your data is compromised, emails go missing or your account is hacked our expert security team will spring into action. We’ll lockdown, change passwords and reauthenticate users within seconds of you notifying us of a problem. However, it’s very unlikely to get to this stage. There are numerous levels of security to bypass initially and then, our powerful security software will check your emails, business data and contacts 24/7 for any evidence of wrong-doing.
Can you afford to take a risk and not be protected?!

Multi Layered Security from JMV Solutions

Firewalls in your office to stop threats getting into your network
Email security to stop Phishing and malware being delivered to you and your staff
Centrally managed Antivirus solutions to stop Malware and threats on your devices
Office 365 Security checking OneDrive, SharePoint files for threats
Backing up your data in case the worst case scenario
Locking down computers and mobile devices to protect from hacking and malware
Multi Factor Authentication to help stop hackers getting into accounts
User training to help make your users aware of the threats
We can't stop 100% of threats, to do that turn off your computer and lock it in a safe; but we can do everything in our power to help protect you and reduce risk.

Eye Opening IT Security Facts and Figures

88% of UK Companies have suffered at least one data breach in the last year.
One small business in the UK is successfully hacked every 19 seconds.
33% of small businesses in the UK lost customers after a data breach.
Around half of all IT Security attacks in the UK involve phishing attempts.
22% of UK companies do not provide their staff with regular email security awareness training.
According to research, two-thirds of people use the same password across multiple accounts.

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