Do I Need Computer Security And Should I Have To Pay For It

We are asked about computer security programs all the time, and whether they are necessary. My answer is always a most definite yes. However, with the range of free alternatives to paid products increasing, you are probably wondering whether you should pay for it. You can get free Antivirus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Spam, Firewalls, Anti-Spyware and many variants which will save you money and provide protection. So the question is, with all these products freely available on the market is there any real benefit from paying for security software and investing in a dedicated security package?

I cannot give you a definitive answer to whether you should purchase one of these products as everyone uses their computer in a different way.

Many free security products will be just as good at stopping known threats as the best performing dedicated security packages, but here is the problem, KNOWN threats. What a free product does is keep you safe from what it knows about at a basic level and very well, but it doesn’t have the features which could help detect unknown threats infecting your computer. Free products also omit some key features and important technologies which could otherwise keep you safe when online. Dedicated security packages have advanced behavioural protection and firewalls and rootkit monitoring. This means that it monitors your computer for changes to files which should not be changed, or deleted etc… and puts a stop to it.

Mostly, a free antivirus package is essentially yesterday’s technology and will only detect about 90% of viruses. This is clear when you look at the developers of these free packages as they also have paid for products which offer all of the advanced features that you should use. Why would they make a free product as good as their paid product?

So, back to the original question… Should I pay for it?

Let me answer your question, with anther one…

Would you trust a free locksmith to fit your locks?

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