COVID Supply Chain

Throughout the current pandemic and Brexit transition of the past few years we’ve run into some unexpected (and expected) problems…

We always expect parts and technology to get more expensive and difficult to get hold of the older they get. For this exact reason we spend a lot of time researching and sourcing parts that are regularly needed and keep a very small amount of these in stock. We always work with brand new equipment as we can offer our own guarantee of quality as well as the manufacturers. We don’t use second hand parts or equipment as there is no guarantee of quality and we cannot ascertain the quality of the part ourselves.

However, COVID-19 and the recent backlogs at UK borders/ports have led to some longer lead times of a small amount of the products we are regularly asked to source for our customers. In fact, with the various lockdowns in place around the world we have seen an price increase on laptop and computer parts/equipment like never before!

What we’re basically trying to say is this…

We can still get (almost) everything you need to help you and your employees work from anywhere but it may take a little longer to get here and be a little more expensive than you might expect. We don’t expect this to change on a large scale any time soon but we can still help!

The sooner you get in touch with us about your upcoming project or equipment request, the better chance we have of getting the best product at the best price for you.

Get In Touch to see how we can help