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Our specialist engineers plan, supply and install Managed Networks and Wi Fi systems into pubs, hotels, offices and clubs whilst providing a secure and reliable system. All managed by our local technical support team.

Managed Networks

From £30 +VAT per month

A strong, reliable network is essential to your business success. If your equipment or cabling has not been installed correctly or is failing it could cause your teams productivity to suffer and your business to lose money.

Our local support team and specialist engineers fully understand your network and business requirements which enables us to keep it running effectively.

Our Managed Network includes:

  • Proactive monitoring of your network and devices.
  • Remote support as required.
  • Guest network access and creation for visitors.
  • Regular firmware and security updates to ensure GDPR compliancy for all equipment.
  • Yearly licences for support, updates and security.
  • Next business day replacement for all managed equipment.

Get in touch to discuss bespoke network planning and building.

We Understand Wi Fi & Networks

Business connectivity is essential to your success. Faulty or badly installed cables will cause massive problems to your business productivity. Our network engineers have years of experience installing and managing networks of all sizes and multiple types of wireless equipment. Understanding your business requirements allows us to plan, build and manage a bespoke network that will give your business the best connectivity and an elite level of performance.