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Managed Broadband can power your entire business – more than just emails, it can transform your customer communication with VOIP and provide a stable Wi Fi network for your team to work effectively.


Transform connectivity in your home and business by letting our UK based support team support and monitor your broadband for best results (and speeds).


£24 +VAT per month

Up to 24Mbps speed

£50 +VAT per month

Up to 80Mbps speed


£75 +VAT per month

Up to 1000Mbps speed

From £30 +VAT per month

Up to 100Mbps speed

Why Residential Broadband is no good for your Business

The Internet is an essential tool for your business, but you may not realise the drastic differences there are between Managed and Residential (Home) Broadband. We present, five reasons why you should know the difference.

Customer Service

A reliable Broadband connection is essential for most businesses to remain working. Any time without it is likely to be money down the drain. Our Managed Broadband is proactively monitored by our UK based support team and we have direct access to a higher priority of technical support than any home users. If there’s a problem that we can’t fix, we can get a qualified and experienced engineer working on the problem.


We use high quality equipment from Cambian Networks – so, in the unlikely event that your Broadband equipment is faulty and causing an issue, we’ll get a replacement delivered to your business address on the next business day.

Broadband Speed

Actual home broadband speeds are often lower than our Managed Broadband speeds (which go up to 1000 Mbps). Residential Broadband is often ‘throttled’ (slowed down) when there are a lot of users or at peak times. Your connection will have priority over Residential Broadband so you should avoid these issues at peak times and capacity.

Static IP Address

A static IP address is a unique code that identifies your broadband router when it’s connected to the internet. With Residential Broadband this will change every time you are online. Our Managed Broadband comes with a static IP address that remains the same. This means you can access your computer remotely (for support or working from home), run a local server or VOIP phone system.