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Connectivity for your business.

A lack of connectivity can cause serious problems to your business operations. When your business connectivity services are working you’ll barely notice them. But, if they go wrong there can be a high cost to your teams productivity and your customers satisfaction.

Let us plan, provide and manage the most appropriate connectivity solution for your business that will in turn lead to happier customers and empowered staff.

Call our friendly team for information on how we can improve your connectivity.

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Business Communications

Keeping you and your staff connected to the digital world is vital to how your business operates and transacts with clients. Gone are the days of simply email and telephone calls; you now need Unified Communications, Websites, social media, Video links.

This is all having a massive impact on digital networks so its highly important to have  secure and reliable communications infrastructure and solutions.

We provide all your digital communications and connectivity needs ranging from phonelines to VOIP, ADSL broadband to Leased Lines and 4G to failover solutions.

JMV will work with you to implement a robust solution to ensure you stay connected, wherever you are and however you work.

If you're looking for an IT Support firm who can help improve how you communicate and connect to your staff and clients then get in touch.

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Key Services we provide

Managed Broadband
We provide a whole range of broadband solutions from ADSL to Leased lines with everything in between keeping your business online.
VOIP Phones
Analogue phone systems are old and nearing end of life. VOIP is the future. We have various solutions to empower your business.
Managed Networks
We monitor and test your network and broadband connections to ensure your online and stay connected to your clients.
Internet Failover
If your business can not function without internet then we can ensure you stay connected with failover services.
Managed Routers
Keeping you network, staff and clients data safe is paramount. All our internet connections come with secure routers which we monitor and manage.
Rural Broadband
Based in Devon and Yorkshire we understand the limitations of traditional broadband. We can install solutions to get you connected.
Website Design
Having your business online is vital to getting new clients. We can design you a bespoke website to highlight your products and services.
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams is one of the most powerful communications tools available to any business. It can literally revolutionise your business.

Connectivity… The Unsung Hero Of Your Small Business

As a small business owner you’ll often find yourself responsible for marketing, payroll, sales and customer support to name just a handful of services essential to your business. It’s easy to forget just how important Connectivity is to all of these services, and it’s regularly the area of your business that gets the least attention.
Just Imagine…

What happens if your Broadband connection stops working?
What happens if your website is hacked, and in turn, you’re unable to access it?
What happens if your Wi Fi Network is faulty and your new laptop doesn’t have an ethernet cable?
What happens if your phone line is disconnected and an engineer is days away?
All of these scenarios (or something similar) have happened to all of us in business at one time or another. Without a strong, reliable connectivity solution – the answer to all these questions is:

“My Business stops…”

With a range of dependable connectivity solutions we can drastically reduce any amount of time that your business could ‘go dark’ and our locally based technical support can quickly and easily solve any problems that may arise.
Can you afford to have poor business connectivity?

Managed Networks and Connectivity

Your routers and network equipment are managed, supported and updated
We manage and look after VOIP systems ensuring they are online when you need them
We increase security using business grade equipment
All systems are easily upgrade and expanded to enable growth in your business
All support is by own internal engineers meaning fast and reliable support
Failed hardware is replaced same or next business day reducing downtime
Companies using our VOIP, Broadband, Failover and network packages have less issues, downtime and much less stress. We keep you connected to your staff and your clients so your business continues to run, no matter what.

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